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1. What is the best day to hire a VA?

You can start any day of the month. You have 30 calendar days to use your hours after you hire. If you finish your package before you can hire additional hours.

2. How do you take care of customer information?

The information of all of our clients is important and confidential, so we take great care of it. We store the information in digital repositories with backup to which only each assistant has access. Through our recruitment process we integrate the best assistants. The entire Octhopus team signs and adheres to strict confidentiality contracts.

3. How is time counted? 

We use a software to count the time per customer per activity. We will send you a report every Friday.

4. Can I change my plan?

Yes you can. Also if you need a specific number of hours you can write us.

5. What is the VAs schedule?

Our assistants work Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm central time. If you are in another part of the world we will review it with you at the time of the assignment, so you know when your assistant will be online to assist you. 

6. How is the communication with my VA?

Communication with your VA can be by email, phone, cellphone, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Slack, Monday, Trello or any other online app you usually work with.

7. Can I ask for personal and work items?

Yes, our main purpose is to help you have more time.

8. What if I don´t finish my package time in 30 days?

Don´t worry if you don´t use all your minutes. In packages from 10 to 19 hours we accumulate up to 2 hours, which you can use with the renewal of your next package. In packages of more than 20 hours you can have up to 4 hours for the following month; as long as you stay in the same package or a larger one.

9. Is there a time frame commitment?

No. Although we are sure that our service will be of great help, if for any reason you want to cancel you can do so without penalty at any time.

10. Can I assign an email to my assistant?

Of course! Assigning an email from your business will make it more professional instead of writing from their @octhopus.com email.

If you can´t find the answer to your questions here, write us or schedule a call.

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