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What we do

Focus in the important stuff and let your VA worry about the rest.

Octhopus assistants Solve any problem:

-They have professional career

-They are bilingual

-They have contacts in different industries

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Some things we do...

Recurring tasks

  • We organize your calendar and your inbox
  • We register your monthly expenses in the system that you use
  • We create and send your invoices
  • We take calls and follow up with your customers and prospects
  • We do customer prospecting
  • We transcribe your notes, recordings or videos
  • We keep your CRM updated
  • We make daily posts for your social networks
  • We schedule your publications
  • We send congratulations and reminders from you
  • We make and send your newsletters

Tasks when you need them

  • We make your presentations (you just send us the content)
  • We translate your website and documents (unofficial)
  • We quote products and services
  • We look for texts, photos, videos, articles or apps that you need
  • We research products, services and events
  • We take out and schedule your personal appointments
  • We make reservations
  • We plan your events with you
  • We look for flights, hotels, tickets, car rental
  • We investigate
  • We help you to install a CRM or tool that you need

What we DON’T DO

-In-person activities (hey, we're virtual!)

-Specialized tasks (Accounting, Design, Legal, etc.)

-Content generation

-Sales in general

-Call center (and the availability required for that)

Cosas que no hacemos

✅ "My assistant did some macros in excel, thanks Octhopus." Ana

✅ "My assistant got me an appointment with the Human Resources Director of a telephone company." Javier

✅"My assistant takes my basic accounting (income and expenses) in Quickbooks" Eduardo

✅"My Octhopus VA found me the best cloth suppliers in Mexico." Chris

✅"My assistant tracks my products, it's like my logistics manager!" Raul

✅"My assistant pays my bills" Noemi

✅"My assistant passed my PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides" Alan

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