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​5 Keys to achieve your goals

Posted by Gabriela Manzur on

Having a vision of the future is fundamental to the success of our projects. The best way to achieve this vision is through goals establishment, no matter if they are short, medium or long term.

Achieving our goals requires the following:

1. Self-motivation. It´s about that inner energy, which keeps you moving, feeding on your wishes and more important values.

2. Commitment. If you are willing to pay the necessary price to achieve your goals it means you are committed. You may notice it in your devoted behavior, sacrifice and the work you dedicate to achieve it.

3. Flexibility and adaptation capacity. You can't always have control over the world or circumstances that surround you, nor the feelings of the people around you. 

4. Emotional self-control. Emotions are essential and are an unbreakable part of you. That´s why you need to know when they´re going to make you lose control and manage them in an adequate way, keeping a balanced attitude to act according to your judgment.

5.Organization and order. It´s necessary to recognize your limitations, you can't divide yourself to make several things at the same time. You need to have order in your plans and behavior, and prioritize your activities to achieve your goals satisfactorily.

As you can see, if your goals are important for you, you must establish a strategy that will demand your deep involvement. Do you have these keys?

6 steps that can help you are:

First step: Define your goals. It is important to be realistic.

Second step: Define a date in which your goals will be achieved, this way you set your long-term goal.

Third step: Divide your final goal into smaller ones. Accumulate them, each one must get you closer to the final goal, those are your short-term goals.

Fourth step: Recognize the resources you need to achieve your goals, (materials, human or financial). Every goal, short or long term needs those resources, don't skip any even if you already have them.

Fifth step: Review your goals periodically.

Sixth step: Modify, adapt or change your periodic goals as necessary.

By: Andres Mayo Gongora

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